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Successful SCA webinar

More than 800 students from 11 countries around the world signed up for a webinar that SCA arranged recently.

The webinar – or online seminar – took place on May 26 and was hosted by Universum, a leading global company within employer branding. The event targeted students in France, Germany, India, Mexico, the Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Spain, Sweden, the UK and the US. 

The webinar was successful both in terms of the number of participants and their level of engagement. About 160 students joined the meeting online and they sent in more than a hundred questions during the one-hour session.

Caroline Brent, Vice President HR Operational Development, says: “We actually broke several records for our host, Universum, both regarding the number of people who signed up, the number of attendees as well as the amount of questions we got.

“This was a great opportunity to make students feel what it is like to work for SCA. We think that the more they know about our company, the better relationship we can create with them. A concrete result after the webinar was that we received additional applications for our onboarding program.”

Caroline’s colleague Mats Kvarnung, Vice President Market and Business Development at SCA Consumer Goods Europe, started off by providing an overview of SCA’s business. He also told the audience about his own personal journey within the company.

Mats started working for SCA Forest Products in 1992 as a sales manager. He has a somewhat unique history with the company since he left SCA in year 2000, but came back after about two years.

“The students asked me about how I view leadership at SCA, about our environmental initiatives and how we work with certifications,” Mats says. “Other questions concerned why I left SCA and then came back again.

“Arranging a webinar like this highlights SCA as a modern employer that is up to date, and it is a great way to reach out to students. I think it was inspiring to speak to young people and I would love to do it again.”

Caroline then presented SCA as a company and talked about the SCA GO! Program. This is SCA’s graduate on-boarding program designed to provide newly graduated students with an opportunity to get their first job.

Universum played an important role to make the event a success, not least by promoting the webinar to the desired target group and inviting participants via direct emails and social media.

Camilla Rindås, Project Manager at Universum, says: “My impression is that the students were very engaged and curious. Many of them were particularly interested in the SCA GO! Program and wanted to know more. I also think the personal tone used by Caroline and Mats was appreciated and well suited to create contact, and made the students feel comfortable.”

Now, the dialogue will continue to see what exciting opportunities SCA can offer the students in the future. SCA will arrange another webinar on the same topic in August.

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